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Miss you missing me :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 0 0
Resignation to Inevitabilty
Why are we so quick to wish a longer life?
What does a man benefit from living another 20 – 30 years?
His body weakens; his senses dull.
All he strove for all… his dreams – they were never to be.
He goes along thinking he can make a difference, that he makes the choices; he has no control.
The fork in the road is an illusion; he will always choose the wrong path.
That realization ever so slowly sinks in, after so many years.
To believe he chooses a path only leaves him to experience the suffering of guilt and regret when it inevitably turns out to be wrong.
It results in his shoulders sinking further, his chin hanging lower.
Outward signs of a soul that is far too weary.
There's always tomorrow, they tell him.
He hears and nods.
But he knows – no, there is only reliving today – the pain. The emptiness. The hopelessness.
Yet he goes on. Not towards a goal, towards a happy ending.
He knows there will be no happy ending; only a blessed ending to the monotony of ut
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 1 4
I Did This
I quenched the fire in your heart
Now I deserve nothing more
I earned your indifference
Now I deserve nothing less
I treated you like a fool
Now I now dance on your strings
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 1 2
A Beacon
Alone, adrift on an empty sea
No direction, nothing but the fog on all sides
With a heavy heart I sail on
Holding on to… hope?
Is that a glimmer?
It's faint, distant perhaps, but real
Maybe if I steer towards her…
Getting brighter - my heart swells
Where does it beckon? Am I… home?
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 1 4
My Valentine's Day :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 0 2
... again
We'd meet for the first time… again
You’d be interested
You’d flirt and wear perfume
But I wouldn’t notice
One day, it’d sink in
And I’d find you intriguing
I’d ask if you’d be at the party
Hoping you’d say yes
We’d talk nervously
Then Bailamos would play
I’d ask you to dance
And you would say yes
We’d move with the music
And we could fall in Love… again
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 1 11
First Mate :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 2 9 Who's more curious? :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 2 15
If you ever
If you ever
want me to watch you bathe
want to again be my fav
If you ever
want to perfume a bear for me
want a shirt that smells like me
If you ever
want to go see Le Mis
want to know what Love is
If you ever
want to dance again to Bialamos
want to hear me say “I love you most”
If you ever
want to whimsically give me a call
want to in love with me again fall
I am here, for you,
Forever, If you ever…
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 6 31
Is this a problem? :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 2 11 Wind 'er up :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 1 3 The Crew :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 4 21 St. Patty's Day :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 0 28
I smile
I smile…
I remember the way you’d greet me
…and I smile
I remember the way you chased me playing tag
...and I laugh
I remember how you sang to me
…and I blush
I remember how you kissed me deeply
…and I sigh
I remember the way you made love to me
…and I ache
I remember you said you’d always love me
…and I cry
:iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 5 21
2,000 Pageviews :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 0 21 A Chief NEVER forgets :iconcg-mcpo:CG-MCPO 6 50

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4 :iconameliaphotography:AmeliaPhotography 1,546 108
The Truth Behind the Lie
the truth behind the lie;
is that I still care..
still it aches so much..
still my love is there..
the truth behind the lie;
still I miss you..
cant live without you..
lonely, if I cant see you..
contented if I do..
the truth behind the lie;
cant find any reasons to live..
knowing that your not with me..
realizing that your love wasn't mine..
that I'm not in your life..
the truth behind the lie;
I'm wistfully thinking..
that you'll come back to me..
in the right time..
when we're ready..
then it will be no lie..
:icontamolly:tamolly 1 1
Jilla - Red :iconkazma56:Kazma56 1 1 Julissa close up :iconalbertofoto:albertofoto 74 36
never stop...
HeŽll never stop, heŽll always try,
to get back what he lost, and what still makes him cry.
He cries over her, the girl he once had.
the girl he has tried to forget about, but every effort has only ended up bad.
He hopes to god, hopes that she knows,
how he feels when that scary but well know feeling unfolds.
He wants only her, the girl that he had,
the girl that made his day, and was so wonderful, that it made him go completely mad.
He has tried to forget, he has tried so hard,
to leave her alone, because she, his beautiful angel, deserves a good start.
He misses these small things, that existed when she was there.
The moments he watched her, when he almost thought he saw her back, and her wings, that shined stronger everytime he saw her focus that stare .
He leanes over his bed in the mornings, and is drawn back to reality,
because she isnŽt there, sheŽs gone, running from the guy that never had thought he would fall for a thing like infidelity.
It had happened, and he had cried,
:iconequador:Equador 4 5
Sheers :iconlenuge:Lenuge 1 1
Mature content
green :iconrulezman:rulezman 1,108 111
Body :icone-string:e-string 60 13 Midnight_2 :icondeega:deega 16 14


Enemy at The Gate was, initially for me, a war movie. It had the Russians trying to save their homeland, desperately holding on against the Germans. It had action, tension in the sub-plot of sniper vs sniper, etc. But in the end, it was just a war movie.

Watching it again years later with my take on life so much changed, i realize now it was a story of life.

You are in circumstances beyond your control - things set in motion long before your arrival on earth.
You imagine you make choices - choices that seem logical or prudent. Choices that end in disaster.

One man was betrayed as a cold, calculating killer. Another as a cold, tyrannical man sending others to their death.
But they were motivated to act thusly based on life viewed in the prism of their experiences, good and bad.

The hero, his friend and the woman they both loved were in the middle of hell.

Yet, one found a way to use his grief at losing the woman to his friend to show his love for his friend by sacrificing his life for him.

The friend used his sacrifice to become the hero he never wanted to be. And he honored his friend's sacrifice by being happy with the woman they both loved.
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